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A popular saying in the SEO world, “Content is King,” has never been more true in the post Panda/Penguin algorithm updates from Google. At SoJoSEO we pride ourselves in delivering great, relevant content. We don’t create content for the sake of creating content, but we create content with the intentions to engage users. We want users reading our content and sharing it with their friends. Specifically, we like to blog, create videos, and foster social sharing.


Every website should have a blog, especially non-ecommerce sites. The best way to be crawled/indexed by search engines, not to mention easiest, is to create new, unique and engaging content on your website. One of the easiest ways of accomplishing this is through blogging. At SoJoSEO, we don’t outsource blogging to another country. Our blogs are created in house, ensuring accuracy with grammar, readability, and engagement.


Not very many SEO firms have the ability to create video. Most of your competitors (and ours) haven’t even thought about video as an SEO content strategy. At SoJoSEO we have the best in-house videographer around. Users and search engines love video. Video tells a story of authority and relevancy with search engines.


Your previous SEO agency didn't think social engagement mattered for SEO? Tragedy! Social engagement is the hot topic in the SEO world right now. From Facebook and Twitter, to the exponential rise of Google My Business, social should be part of every company's strategy.